Best Hiking Backpacks For Toddlers

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Hiking is soothing and therapeutic, it’s one of the favorite past times for the typical outdoor-loving American. However, as people get older and add toddlers to the equation it gets a little complex. Now they need to factor them in and get a proper hiking backpack to carry them in. This backpack has to be well equipped, comfortable, and protective of adverse weather. That’s the only way that you can enjoy both the company of your toddler as well as your hobby that is hiking.

1. ClevrPlus Cross Country Baby Backpack Hiking Child Carrier

best hiking backpacks for toddlers
Strong, lightweight, and oddly stylish. This carrier bag has brought comfort to hiking and the best part is that your toddler is brought along. Thanks to the firm lightweight metal frame and covering cloth, it can withstand harsh weather conditions that come with daily use and multiple hiking trips. It possesses an easy adjustment system to provide a great fit for you and your toddler. Equipped with firm metal stands that allow it to sit upright on a flat surface and can be easily folded when on the move. This toddler hiking backpack is suitable for children ranging from a few months old to about two years of age.
  • It has multiple pockets
  • It is light to carry
  • Sun/Rain cover can be easily be detached
  • There is no footrest

2. Luvdbaby Premium Baby Backpack Carrier

Child-friendly, fresh from the store, and added features are available. Luvdbaby Premium Baby Backpack Carrier for Hiking with Kids came from a small Irish company that loves children but there’s nothing small about the capabilities of the backpack. This carrier has both a mesh for the sun as well as a rain cover to protect the toddler from the rain. The carrier has great suspension and the weight is distributed very evenly so you don’t have to worry about the backpack hurting your back.
  • Very comfortable for parents
  • Protects toddlers from adverse weather conditions
  • Has a thermally insulated compartment to keep your baby’s water bottle warm
  • It is quite expensive compared to other alternatives

3. ClevrPlus Urban Explorer Child Carrier Hiking Baby Backpack

best hiking backpack carrier for toddler
Hardly are best-hiking backpacks for toddlers considered stylish, well that was before we discovered the ClevrPlus Urban Explorer Child Carrier Hiking Baby Backpack. This backpack seems to have it all, from the sturdy feather-light aluminum frame to the sun hood with removable wind and rain cover, it’s certainly a keeper for hiking enthusiasts around the world. The backpack also features an easy adjustment system to provide a comfortable fit for you and your child. What more to ask for? It’s modern, protective for your toddler and it also has numerous storage ports for your essentials and miscellaneous.
  • Has a large bottom pocket for diapers and necessities
  • Multiple holders including two water bottle pockets
  • The canopy can be easily removed or folded back out of the way
  • Not a suitable backpack for short people

4. Deuter Kid Comfort Active and Kid Comfort Active SL

Sporty, minimalistic, and built for versatility. The Deuter Kid Comfort has become a favorite for professional hikers all around the globe. It is equipped with a height-adjustable seat and footrests to ensure a healthy sitting position. The toddler-friendly backpack also has storage capacities, versatile settings, and great protection from potentially adverse weather conditions. What can we say? The brand maker Deuter is synonymous with quality, functionality, and longevity. A proper hiking backpack for carrying toddlers.
  • Has storage pockets
  • Has adjustable seat & footrests
  • Is very durable
  • A lot of variations of this backpack lack integrated sunroof

5. Kelty Journey PerfectFIT Elite Child Carrier

best hiking backpacks for babies
Fresh, solid, and ridiculously stylish. The Kelty Journey PerfectFIT Elite Child Carrier brings a welcome change in the not so stylish world of hiking backpacks for toddlers. It’s not merely a fashion statement though, it gets the job done quite finely thanks to its five-point adjustable child’s harness, padded aluminum roll cage, and a large zippered pocket that keeps all essentials intact. The bag is a favorite for fashionable hikers that want to go for their usual hike trails but won’t be caught looking shabby while their toddlers tag along.
  • It is very stylish and fashionable
  • It is hydration compatible
  • Has wide seat base coupled with adjustable foot stirrups
  • It is quite expensive compared to other options.

6. Thule Sapling Elite Child Carrier Backpack

best hiking backpack lightweight
Combining exercise with luxury is certainly something that deserves plaudits, since that’s the case the Thule Sapling Elite Child Carrier Backpack deserves all the praise it’s been getting. The bag personifies comfort thanks to its easy to adjust back panel and hip belt that provides a proper fit and comfortable carry. It’s safe for children, great for storage and it is a convenient necessity for the tough hiking terrains around the world. This coupled with its availability in the market has made the backpack a favorite for hiking enthusiasts around the world. Taking its place as one of the best hiking backpacks to carry toddlers.
  • Removable backpack and large zippered compartment provide ample storage
  • Load stabilizer straps allow on-the-go adjustments for carrying comfort
  • Two quick-access pockets on the hip belt that help keep toys and snacks within reach
  • It’s only available in limited colors

7. Osprey Poco Child Carrier

A bag that combines the classic with the modern, the Osprey Poco Child Carrier might be new in the market but it’s certainly no pushover. This hiking backpack has a unique double halo harness is created with front-facing arm loops which allows you to safely buckle your child in place. It also has a padded cockpit made up of soft contact surfaces and ventilated side panels for children, and a breathable mesh back panel and hip wings for adults. Perfectly serving as a hiking backpack suitable for a top-notch child and adult comfort. A worthy child backpack carrier.
  • Built-in sunshade
  • Adjustable torso to fit a wide range of adults
  • Open mesh hip belt pockets for quick access to snacks
  • It’s available in only two colors

8. ClevrPlus Deluxe Adjustable Baby Carrier

hiking child carrier
Rugged, durable, and fit for all terrains and a great hiking backpack for carrying toddlers. ClevrPlus Deluxe Adjustable Baby Carrier Outdoor Hiking Child Backpack Camping is perfect for old school hikers that are carrying their toddlers along for the trip. It is made of a strong metal frame and detachable cloth, which can withstand the rigors of daily use. Furthermore, it features multiple pockets, thick padded shoulder pads, padded waist strap, and two side water bottle holders. The backpack can fold flat for easy storage making it a superb option for your toddler and you the carrier.
  • It is very durable
  • Has extra-large storage areas
  • Is available in a variety of colors
  • Pretty prehistoric compared to other alternatives

9. Luvdbaby Premium Baby Backpack Carrier with Removable Backpack

child carrier backpack
Comfy for toddlers, suitable for hikers, and easy on the eyes. There’s just something about the Luvdbaby Premium Baby Backpack Carrier with Removable Backpack – 2 in 1 for Hiking with Kids. The backpack has great resources such as protection for the toddler thanks to the mesh hood included to protect your baby from the sun’s glare, it also has a detachable rain cover fitted with every carrier. The backpack possesses a sweet design that alleviates back strain for the career. That’s not all as the backpack has numerous storage compartments to keep supplies, nappies, and other essentials. It is one of the best hiking backpacks to carry toddlers.
  • Fantastic protection for toddlers from adverse weather conditions
  • The height of the torso can be adjusted
  • Has adjustable stirrups to keep toddler’s feet from dangling and kicking you in the back
  • Lacks proper replacement parts

10. Baby Toddler Hiking Backpack Carrier Camping Child Carriers

child carrier backpack for 4 year old
Nothing left to say asides the fact that the Baby Toddler Hiking Backpack Carrier Camping Child Carriers with Rain Sun Cover is simply gorgeous. This stylish backpack for hikers with toddlers is made of a firm yet lightweight metal frame and 600d oxford cloth, It has been approved by the American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM) and it’s one of the fastest movers in the hiking backpack market. It has nice storage compartments, it possesses a great sun and rain cover for toddlers, and let’s not forget how easy on the eyes it is! A proper invention from a proper brand.
  • Withstand the elements and daily use
  • It has a footrest for toddlers
  • It comes in various colors
  • Backpack instructions could be improved

Buying Guide For Best Hiking Backpacks For Toddlers

Type of Carrier: There are a plethora of carriers in the market but only the best should be purchased when carrying toddlers. Ensure you get a carrier that has ample space for baby wraps just in case your cute toddler has to go poo poo, try purchasing a frameless carrier as the less the unnecessary load the better it is for both you and your child. Also worthy of note, try checking out the structured backpack carrier as these bring to class, versatility, and comfort to your hike.

Comfort: It would be tomfoolery to purchase a hiking backpack which isn't comfortable, worst still if you're getting the backpack as a toddler carrier. When scouring through Amazon ensure that you go for comfort, both for your toddler as well as you, the person carrying.

Adjustability: Different strokes for different folks and one thing that shouldn't be compromised is the adjustability function of the backpack. This is necessary as toddlers grow astronomically, so if there's no adjustability it's going to be futile. Also, as you are climbing trails you might need to change the settings of the backpack to aid your comfort.

Water Storage: Hiking is quite exhausting and every proper hiker needs ample rehydration. Purchase a hiking backpack with a water storage facility that helps you make your hiking journey without stress. This could be found at the side of the back as it must also have space to accommodate the toddler tagging along.

Removable Daypacks: Much maligned, highly forgotten but extremely important. When getting a hiking backpack suitable for toddlers make sure that it has a removable daypack feature, this eases the mind and makes the journey such a breeze. Daypacks are essential features of a proper hike and that's the only way you won't call it quits after a few hours. The man got to stock up on supplies, to be honest.

Pockets and Storage Capacity: Every proper hiker backpack needs enough pockets and suitable storage capacity. Hiking is a unique task, you don't know exactly where it will take you, and this time you're bringing along a toddler that has no clue about what you're undertaking. It's only proper you're equipped with a backpack that has enough pockets for your numerous needs as well as storage capacity for essentials and luxuries.

Durability: It would suck if midway through your treasured hike, your expensively purchased hiking backpack gives way. That's why we advise that if you're going for a hiking backpack for toddlers you should go for the most durable, fancy can wait. Bare it in mind that if your backpack isn't durable it could cause irreparable damage to the little one you're carrying.

Sun and Rain Protection: Hiking is quite unpredictable as you are laid bare at the mercy of the forces of nature. As such you should get a backpack that offers protection from those forces for the toddler you're bringing along. Don't forget they didn't ask to come along, even if they did you should provide them with adequate protection. Equip yourself with a hiking backpack that protects your toddler from the unforgiven elements of nature and you'll rest assured on the trip.

Carry Weight: Toddlers come in various shapes, sizes, and yes weights. As such if you purchase a hiking backpack that can only carry featherweights what would you do by the time your toddler grows to a middleweight, then you'll have to dole out more money to get a replacement. Hence, in purchasing a hiking backpack for toddlers make sure that you get one that can carry enough weight without being a burden on your back.

Affordability: While it's super necessary to buy a hiking backpack that can carry your toddler (that's if you don't want a citation for child endangerment), it's also super essential that you purchase one that is suitable for your budget and won't cripple your finances after its purchase. That's why we're showing you a versatile list that comes in various price ranges.

Safety / JPMA Certification: You're carrying another human being on your back, the human being a toddler so it's only right that you purchase a backpack that is safe and proper. This is super essential as endangering a child is a huge offense in most jurisdictions. While purchasing go for the safer options and the ones with updated JPMA Certification, that way you won't be scared about a citation while carrying your lovely toddler with you on the hike.


Toddlers are so delicate and it’s only proper that if you carry them along for a hiking trip you are equipped with the best hiking backpacks for toddlers. That way you can enjoy your hike without fearing for the safety of your little buddy on your back. There are so many options in the market but as regards the best of the above I’d have to pick the ClevrPlus Urban Explorer Child Carrier Hiking Baby Backpack which combines both style and substance to give both the carrier and toddler a worthwhile hike.

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