Best Retractable Air Hose Reels For Your Workshop

Retractable air hose reels have proven to be very important for both domestic and industrial purposes.

The retractable air hose reels are fashioned to reduce risk of damage to the hose. The retractability makes the air hose easy to manage. They come in form of cylinders and spheres and are usually made of metal, fiberglass and plastic. Deciding on the type of retractable air hose reel to get is mostly influenced by your budget and need. The cost of an air hose reel depends on the quality and durability of the product. The cheap ones are of lesser quality compared to the expensive.

So, to help you get the best retractable air hose reel go through our review.

1. GOODYEAR Air-Hose-Reel Retractable 3/8" Inch x 50' Feet

goodyear retractable air hose reel
To avoid wear and tear the Goodyear L815153G, retractable air hose reel Blower/Water is built with rock solid mechanical steel and warmth treated powder. It has fortified flanged edges, stepped steel single guide arm and an L-base all light weight and solid, guaranteeing ideal balance. This is most likely one of your better decisions for outside use. It’s pure metal with a durable paint job. It lasts nicely outside and cannot be destroyed by rain.
  • It is durable and has a sturdy design.
  • It can be assembled and mounted easily on a wall.
  • It is heavy so it can’t be carried easily while working in a job site.
  • It is expensive as well.

2. REELWORKS Air Hose Reel Retractable Spring Driven Polypropylene Heavy Duty Industrial 3/8" x 50 FT

Made with high-quality durable impact resistant polypropylene that is light weight and more compact. This retractable air hose reel has a swivel bracket, ready to be mounted on walls, floors and ceilings. It rotates 180 degrees for convenient storage; placing it as the best advantage to suit your preference. It has a size fitting of 1/4” on the hose and the hose itself is 3/8”.
  • Has an auto-guide rewind system that helps retract without difficulties.
  • Can be easily mounted.
  • Has a latch that prevents wearing of the hose by automatically locking it at your ideal length.
  • Cannot last outside.

3. DeWalt DXCM024-0345 Hose Reel Automatic Retraction Enclosed Air Hose Reel

With a size of 3/8in. x 50ft, the automatic retraction enclosed retractable air hose reel is the best recommendation for any air equipment and air compressor that works at 300 PSI or lower. It has a hybrid hose that helps get rid of every form of difficulties. It comes with a ‘stop-anywhere’ mechanism that aids the flexibility of the hose and guides it to be pulled to any length. This hose likewise comes outfitted with strong metal ¼ inch NPT male end fittings which never wear or bend restrictors that give usability and hose safety.
  • Can be mounted easily.
  • Unconstrained functionality.
  • Adaptable usability.
  • Cannot be mounted outside; mounting outside will cause it to rust.
  • It is way too big.

4. Giraffe Retractable Air-Hose-Reel with 3/8 in. x 50 Ft Hybrid Air Hose

This retractable air hose reel is built with powder coated steel for solidity and resistance to damage. It has a strong swivel joint that enables free flow of liquid. Moreover, it comes along with a fully enclosed multi-position release ratchet spring. For the safety of the hose, it has an alignment of two non-snag rollers to aid retraction and avoid any form of wearing or tearing on the hose.
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty.
  • Has a strong retract spring.
  • Strong and lasting.
  • All product parts are ISO 9001 certified.
  • Cannot be mounted to a dry wall.
  • Has a short lead hose and requires an extension.

5. Flexzilla Retractable Enclosed Plastic Air Hose Reel

With a specification of 3/8 in. x 50 ft, the retractable air hose reel is very economical and most suitable for domestic purposes. It’s able to work with a PSI of 150. This retractable air hose reel is of flexible hybrid polymer and has zero memory which makes it stay wherever you leave it and gives it an all-weather adaptability. For convenient storage and usage, it can be mounted on walls and ceilings and has a swivel mounting bracket that permits easy swivelling of the reel for up to 180 degrees. These features enhance work efficiency.
  • Doesn’t kink under any weather.
  • Very light.
  • Not advisable for industrial usage.
  • The auto-retract malfunctions sometimes.

6. Coxreels P-LP-350 Low Pressure Retractable Air/Water Hose Reel

They are solid and heavily built which makes them very adaptable and almost indestructible. The Coxreels Air Hose Reel is 3/8in. x 50ft. and perform with a maximum of 300 PSI. All parts of the retractable air hose reel that may possibly come in contact with fluid(air or liquid), are brass and will not corrode or wear. It has a simple swivel seal in form of an O-ring that can be replaced with ease in case of wearing. It has a spring motor and latching mechanism that work, virtually, without trouble.
  • Has a sturdy design.
  • Long-lasting.
  • Very heavy due to heavy duty construction.
  • Cannot be easily mounted.
  • Very expensive.

7. Cyclone Pneumatic CP3690 Retracable Air Hose Reel, Blue

retractable breathing air hose reel
The Cyclone pneumatic CP3690 3/8″ x 100′ retractable air compressor rubber hose reel has a very flexible hose because it is made of rubber. The air hose reel is generally made of steel and rubber. Also, it has good packaging with a dimension of 24 x 21.7 x 10.5 inches. It weighs 64 pounds due to its sturdiness. Works with a pressure rating of 200 PSI. It also comes with no batteries and requires none. Has a good retractable air hose reel mechanism; with a strong return tension from start to finish. It comes along with good mounting instructions and seems to work well. Moreover, time will tell on long-lasting attributes.
  • Hose is very flexible.
  • Can be mounted horizontally.
  • Very heavy.
  • Has a short lead-in hose.
  • Cannot resist liquid.

8. Lincoln 83753 Value Series Air and Water 50 ft. x 3/8 Inch Retractable Hose Reels

retractable air compressor hose reels
Made with pure steel, it has a rubber hose of 3/8″ x 50. It has a heavy and durable gauge. Works at the maximum pressure rate of 300 PSI and has a maximum air flow of 25cfm. Has a good retractable air hose reel mechanism with a spring-powered automatic retract. It has a gear that locks it every few feet. Then it automatically recoils when you are ready. The reel also comes along with an adjustment outlet roller arm of five positions. It has a slotted mounting base for easy mounting and installation. This retractable air hose reel also has an 8 position ratchet mechanism to position the hose as desired.
  • Can be easily assembled.
  • Weather-proof so it can be used outside.
  • Has different mechanisms that make it easy to operate.

    9. Milton 2780-50D - Steel Dual Arm Auto-Retractable Air Hose Reel

    retractable air hose reel with hose
    With a dimension of 19.0 x 8.0 x 19.75 (L x W x H) it is constructed with a powder coated steel frame. It has compact brass fittings that makes it corrosion and leak resistant. Also, it has a 360 degree swivel air inlet valve, witha dual arm for extra compactness. The rubber retractable air hose reel is weather resistant.This makes it remain flexible even in adverse conditions. It retracts automatically with an enclosed spring-powered drive and an adjustable ball that helps you stop at the length you desire. Furthermore, it comes with mounting slots that make installation easy. Also, it can be mounted on walls, trucks and floors.
    • Has a base that aids easy mounting.
    • Has a sturdy and durable design.
    • Has a 1 year maintenance free design warranty.
    • Very expensive.

    10. Freeman P3865CHR 3/8" x 65' Compact Retractable Air Hose Reel

    It is an ideal equipment for indoor and industrial application because of its compactness. This retractable air hose reel is made up of a hybrid polymer which makes it light in weight and strong enough to resist sub-zero temperatures and adverse weather conditions. It comes with an extra lead hose of 6ft for easy connection to a compressor. It has a mounting bracket that permits 180 degrees rotation for efficiency and easy usage. Furthermore, it comeswith lag bolts and nylons for the installation. With this air hose reel, you would experience a smooth retraction; all thanks to the auto-guide and a spring-powered mechanism.
    • Saves workspace.
    • Easy to install.
    • Has a very high retraction speed that may cause damage if the hose is suddenly released.


    When buying a retractable air hose reel, many cogent things must be put into consideration.

    However, the most important is the material used in the production of the air hose reels. Among the materials used in the production of retractable air hose reel are metals, plastic, fiberglass; to mention but a few. However, of all these materials used in the production of air hose reels, metal is the strongest.This sturdy nature of metal enables it to be durable and long lasting than other materials used in air hose reel productions.

    Moreover, another important factor to consider is the installation. It is necessary to be informed about how it can be assembled and mounted. The reason for this is to ensure a suitable experience.

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