Best 11 Largest Rooftop Cargo Carriers

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There is always a need for you to provide a storage option for your luggage when traveling or going on an adventure. However, not all vehicles have the luxury of space to hold big and heavy luggage. If your vehicle does not have provision for luggage, choosing a medium-size rooftop carrier will not be a good option. The best option you’ve got is to look out for one of the largest rooftop cargo carriers you can get. Let’s look at the tips to be considered when choosing these rooftop cargo carriers.

Best Largest Rooftop Cargo Carriers to Buy

Below are the top 11 largest rooftop cargo carriers that we recommend:

1. Thule Force XT Rooftop Cargo Box

thule car top carrier

Designed for your everyday use, the Thule Force XT rooftop cargo box features two different mounting systems to make your journey enjoyable. It also comes with a dual side opening system that provides access to every inch of the box. It can be opened from either side of the vehicle including the passenger side. It also offers rear of vehicle access that permits full trunk access with minimal risk of contact with the cargo box. This is because of its forward position on the roof of the vehicle. To further make opening and closing easy, a lock knob system prevents damage to the Thule comfort key.

  • Dual-side opening
  • The rear of vehicle access
  • Lockknob system
  • The key latch is plastic and cheap

2. Thule Pulse Rooftop Cargo Box, Large

Another product from Thule, the Thule Pulse rooftop cargo box, large, is a functional rooftop cargo box that provides 16 cubic feet of extra-packing space. The extra-space feature among many other designs, allows you to pack everything you need for the days’ journey. It also features a fast grip quick-mount system that allows you to assemble your luggage easily. The design of the box is rugged and durable to ensure that your contents are kept in safe conditions. More on safety, a central locking system promises to restrict access to the contents of the box for maximum safety.

  • Rugged design
  • Central locking system
  • Easy loading and unloading
  • Not weather tight

3. STDY 20 Cubic Feet Rooftop Cargo Top Carrier Bag,Travel Cargo Bag Box Storage Luggage by Waterproof 1200-Denier Polyester Material-with Easy to Install Straps-Soft Shell Luggage Rack Bag

extra large rooftop cargo bag

The unique waterproof design of the STDY rooftop cargo top carrier bag qualifies it among the biggest rooftop cargo box that the market has to offer. With 20 cubic feet capacity, the box offers a convenient solution for transporting your luggage, sleeping bags, and other travel needs. As a plus, the roof bag is easy to store as it can be folded away in a storage bag when it is not in use. The material design of the bag features 1200-denier polyester material for compact surface and high-frequency pressing. The pressing process offers stronger waterproof protection with ultra-strong dual seam technology. 

  • Waterproof design
  • Easy to store
  • Increased capacity
  • Not for snow and freezing temperature

4. YAKIMA - SkyBox Aerodynamic Rooftop Cargo Space for Cars, Wagons and SUVs (21 cf)

yakima skybox

True to its name, the YAKIMA SkyBox Rooftop box features a sleek aerodynamic design that gives it the shape of an airplane during use. The design also includes a carbonite textured lid with internal lid stiffeners for easy open, close, and durability. To keep your gears safe, the lid comes with super latch security that secures it to its base. The tapered design also reduces hatch interference and dual-side opening permits easy access on either side of the vehicle. The box requires no assembling as it offers tool-free installation and removal. 

  • Pros
  • Sleek aerodynamic design
  • Universal mounting hardware
  • Super latch security
  • You cannot remove the key unless the system is closed and locked

5. SportRack Vista XL Rear Opening Cargo Box (Black, 18 Cubic Feet)

Featuring UV-resistant and durable ABS construction, the SportRack Vista XL Rear Opening Cargo Box promises 18 cubic feet of waterproof storage that is compatible with most roof racks. This increases the versatility and `safe use of the box. Its angled contours also help it to cut quietly through the air during transit. Since the box comes with a side opening lid, it also features a rear lid opening to make opening convenient, especially during traffic. The lid says open when in use, and it overlays the lower section of the box when it is closed to create a waterproof seal. 

  • Safe rear-facing lid
  • Easy installation
  • Fits most factory racks
  • The hinges are flimsy

6. RoofPax Car Roof Bag & Rooftop Cargo Carrier. 19 Cubic Feet. 100% Waterproof Excellent Military Quality Car Top Carrier. Heavy Duty RoofBag. Fits All Vehicle With/Without Rack

rooftop cargo bag carrier

Designed with safety in mind, the RoofPax Car Roof Bag & Rooftop Cargo Carrier comes with 6 free door hooks instead of straps for maximum safety. This way, you don’t need to tie the strap or interfere with the airbags. The bag is made from military-grade materials and features water-repellent double coating and waterproof dual seam technology. It also features double strap covers with 8 velcro stripes and 10 strong straps with NIFCO buckles. The straps restrainers prevent strap flapping during motion. These and more qualifies it as one of the largest rooftop cargo boxes that work with or without roof racks.  

  • Military-grade materials
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Works with or without rack
  • Not 100% waterproof

7. Copsrew 20 Cubic ft Car Roof Bag Top Carrier Cargo Storage Rooftop Luggage Waterproof Soft Box Luggage Outdoor Water Resistant for Car with Racks

Designed with Durable PVC and water repellent double coating waterproof material, the Copsrew Car Roof Bag Top Carrier is tear-resistant and protects the content of the bag from the water. A zippered cover completely covers the zipper and a 5-inch long Velcro prevents the zipper from blowing open during transit. With 20 cubic feet capacity, there is enough space to bring everything you want for a road trip. Besides space, 8-pieces of heavy-duty adjustable wide straps secure the carrier to the roof of the care for carrying stability.

  • Fits any vehicle
  • Easy setup and storage design
  • Waterproof and durable
  • Can’t use without a roof bag

8. Thule Motion XT Rooftop Cargo Carrier

thule cargo box comparison

The oversized Thule Motion XT Rooftop Cargo Carrier offers 22 cubic feet of extra packing space for optimal space efficiency. Featuring aerodynamic design, the carrier is vehicle fit with its quick-mount system that keeps the box secured and properly mounted. It is also easy to open as it comes with grip-friendly handles and supporting lid-lifters. The design of the carrier also allows full-trunk access without touching the roof box. The lid automatically locks in place after use and indicates a secure closure. The carrier is available in 3 different colors and 4 size options.

  • Quick-mount system
  • Optimal space efficiency
  • Grip-friendly handles
  • They do scratch easily

9. Keeper Waterproof Roof Top Cargo Bag (15 Cubic Feet)

keeper roof bag without crossbars

This is a soft cargo carrier of about 15 cubic feet of space. It has soft sides flex to fit odd-shaped loads. The keeper cargo bag has attachment capabilities on all four sides (take caution for secure attachment, if less than four). It protects luggage against the sun, road grit, wind, and rain. There is no need for across bars to mount the keeper cargo bag. The bag comes with straps- that is all you need. Dimension is about 44x34x17.

  • Protects luggage against water and sun
  • Can hold heavy-duty luggage
  • Easy to attach
  • May affect car handling and mileage

10. RoofBag 100% Waterproof, Premium Triple Seal for Maximum Protection, 2 Year Warranty, Fits ALL Cars: With Side Rails, Cross Bars or No Rack, Roof Bag includes Heavy Duty Straps

Best rooftop cargo carrier bag

This soft car top carrier is one of the largest rooftop cargo carriers in the market. It is 100% waterproof with triple-seal technology for maximum protection. It is made with heavy-duty polyester on both sides for maximum resistance to tears and abrasion. It can withstand extreme weather conditions. It fits perfectly on any car, with or without a rack. There is no need for rails, the strap can be threaded through the doors to fit well. The car top carrier and its accessories can be returned within 30 days of purchase if not pleasing to the customer.

  • Two years warranty
  • It is highly reliable
  • Easy to install
  • Water leakage through the area strap pass into car

11. Goplus Cargo Box, Waterproof Rooftop Cargo Carrier, Heavy Duty Roof Storage Box, 14 Cubic Feet

goplus cargo box waterproof rooftop cargo carrier

This cargo belongs to the hard rooftop car carriers. It is ideal for heavy and strong luggage. It works on all vehicles with rack; it is suitable for cans, cars, and SUVs. You will sure like its aerodynamic sleek design which reduces drag and noise produced from the carrier. It has a large carrying capacity that can secure up to 14-cubic feet worth of loads. The metal lid stiffeners at the bottom make the box safer and stable. The Goplus roof box is easy to install- thanks to its four quick connect anchors.

  • Double-lock design to protect valuables
  • High-quality material for durability
  • Dual side opening
  • Will not work on a car without a roof-rack.

Buying Guide For Rooftop Cargo Carriers

Types of Rooftop cargo boxes: the luggage to be carried determines the kind of rooftop carrier to be used. If you are hauling with flexible and lightweight material, a soft cargo carrier is a perfect option. The hard cargo carrier is ideal for heavy luggage.

Dual-Sided Opening: the opening style for the cargo carrier is not the same. Some carrier opens only at the passenger side while others only open at the driver’s side. Ensure you choose the carrier that suits your loading and unloading style.

Safety/Locking system security: if you are going to be leaving your vehicle in an unfamiliar area, you’ve got to ensure your luggage is secured. Some cargo carrier comes with key and lock, but you can purchase other accessories that are compatible with your rooftop, to complement it.

Durability: how long can a carrier hold on the car? This is also a good point to note. Some carriers are not immune to rain and sun rays- so they get damaged easily. Look out for a carrier that poses to be last long.

The right fit: as you know, carriers are mounted on the roof of a car. It is important to know that your carrier will not obstruct the truck lid nor the driver’s vision. Also, the carrier adds to the overall weight of the car, so, you need to be careful with low head clearance areas. You might need to take your car to a professional installer to help get a perfect fit.


Question: Who needs a rooftop cargo box?

Answer: If you don’t enough space for storage in your vehicle or if you don’t want to be crammed in your car with your luggage, storing your belongings in a rooftop cargo box is a great solution. Rooftop cargo carriers can also be useful for storing larger items such as golf clubs, skis, strollers, fishing rods, etc. 


Ensure you choose the appropriate rooftop carrier for your car. One thing to note is that hard car-top carriers do not work on a car without a rack. Ensure you put all the factors listed above into consideration. After careful consideration of the products above- the largest rooftop cargo carriers, the editor’s choice is the Thule Force XT Rooftop Cargo Box (18 cf).

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