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Thermometers make it easy to check temperatures and monitor fever. This makes it easy to know when to seek medical care. Touchless thermometers are even better because they allow temperature measurement without contact with the person being measured by simply placing the gadget inches from the person’s forehead or ears. There are several brands and types of touchless thermometers to choose from. In this post, we have reviewed some of the best touchless thermometers to make it easier for you to choose the right one for your needs. But first, let’s go over some of the factors to consider when buying a forehead thermometer. 

1. No Touch Forehead Thermometer by iHealth

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The iHealth no-touch thermometer uses an ultra-sensitive infrared sensor to measure temperature. Collecting data more than one hundred data points per second, this is one of the most accurate touchless thermometers you’ll find around. This unit has a simple hassle-free design that allows convenient use. It has an extra-large LED display which makes it easy to read. It also features a high vibration motor designed to vibrate gently once a reading has been taken. The gentle vibration alert is more desirable compared to the annoying beep of other models.
  • Accurate measurement
  • Large LED display
  • No annoying beeps
  • The packaging may not be ideal for long-term storage

2. Baby Thermometer, Thermometer for Fever Ear and Forehead, Kid and Adult Thermometer

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The GoodBaby touchless thermometer allows you to take temperature measurements quickly and conveniently in both Celsius and Fahrenheit. With this multi-mode thermometer, you can easily take temperature measurement for anyone by simply pointing the device to their forehead and ears. It can also be used to take room temperature and measure the temperature of objects as well. This device has been clinically tested and delivers accurate readings with a very negligible error margin.
  • Clear and crisp LED display
  • Can be used to take room temperature measurements
  • Convenient memory storage to store readings.
  • Ear probe not included

3. TECCPO Thermometer, 3-Color LCD Display, 1S Quick Measurement, for People Baby Kids Body and Surface

The TECCPO Thermometer is an FDA certified digital infrared thermometer that provides accurate temperature measurement. One of the most unique features of this touchless thermometer is the 3 color LCD. Asides making it easy to take a measurement in the dark, colored display provides quick temperature warning. The temperature is displayed with green backlight when temperature measurement is normal, orange when it is abnormal, while red backlight indicates fever warning. Thus device also features a 10 data convenient storage which helps to store and compare temperature measurement.
  • 3 color LED
  • High-temperature warning
  • Multi-functional design

    4. iProven Thermometer for Fever - Forehead and Ear Thermometer

    The iProven medical thermometer delivers accurate temperature measurement and reliable fever detection thanks to the latest infrared lens technology. It is engineered to detect the smallest change in temperature. This thermometer is calibrated for both ear and forehead measurements for convenience. Readings are completed in just one second and you can trust the precision of this device to deliver accurate data with every use.
    • Can be used for both forehead and ear measurement
    • Engineered for precision
    • Can detect even the slightest temperature changes
    • It makes a beeping sound that cannot be turned off.

    5. New Digital Medical Forehead and Ear Thermometer 8-in-1 Professional Infrared Temporal Fever Thermometer

    This thermometer is one of the most versatile you’ll find around. In addition to being able to measure body temperature through the forehead or ears, this device can also be used to take room temperature and liquid temperature measurements. It measures in both degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit and has a fever warning system that indicates when the temperature is too high. The measurement is taken in just one second and the thermometer can record up to 35 sets of readings.the device can also be used to calculate average readings using an upgraded processing system.
    • Intelligent fever warning alert
    • Versatile application
    • High accuracy sensor
    • The volume of the beep sound is a little too low

    6. MildSix -Forehead Thermometer for Fever, Digital Medical Infrared Thermometer for Baby, Kids, and Adults

    MildSix forehead thermometer features the latest infrared technology and high precision sensor that make it easy to get accurate and precise temperature readings. This is a smart multi-mode unit that can measure both body and object temperatures. This device also has a fever warning function that notifies you of your temperature status using corresponding beeps and lights. The thermometer has a smart memory that stores readings and makes it easy to track temperature changes.
    • Quick one-second reading
    • Fever warning function
    • Multi-mode device
    • Some buyer report packaging issues with this product

    7. Metene - Baby Thermometer for Fever, Instant Accurate Reading Medical Digital Forehead and Ear Thermometer

    touchless thermometers
    If you are a fan of German engineering reliability then this is one of the top products that should be on your list. This baby thermometer provides accurate readings thanks to a German Hyman thermoelectric sensor and a built-in ambient temperature sensor. It features two detection modes (ear and forehead) and has an easy to use switch for switching between both modes conveniently. This device has an ergonomic design and a large LED screen with backlight to make it easy to read measurements.
    • Easy to read display
    • Compact and delicate design
    • Multiple detection modes
    • Some accuracy issues with this product

    8. Braun Thermometer 2 in 1 No-Touch + Front

    best touchless baby thermometers
    This powerful Braun 2 in 1 thermometer features a touch mode and a non-touch mode which allows you to take temperature measurement by either pressing it to a person’s head or simply holding it in front of the person’s forehead. This gadget also features a patented age precision technology. This provides, age adjustable fever guidance which helps to remove the guesswork from temperature reading by intuitively notifying you if temperature readings are too high based on the age of the person being measured. This thermometer also has a no-sound mode which allows you to take temperature measurements silently.
    • Dual-mode for convenience
    • No sound mode
    • Patented age precision technology
    • Food and liquid mode
    • This product is a bit pricey

    9. Cocobear Digital Infrared Thermometer for Adults

    best non touch thermometers
    This digital non-contact thermometer has three operation modes that allow versatile use. The surface mode allows you to measure the temperature of food surfaces. Body mode measures human body temperature with a high degree of precision and accuracy. The thermometer also features a room made that can measure the surrounding temperature both indoors and outdoor. This reliable gadget delivers instant readings and also features an alarm system and warning light modes.
    • Multi-mode device
    • Fast and accurate
    • Lighting tips for an intuitive experience
    • It only supports forehead function

    10. Wall-Mounted Infrared THERM0METER for Offices, Factories, Shops

    This thermometer is designed for use in high-density areas thanks to its wall mount design. If you are looking for a gadget for rapid temperature measurement in hall entrances, rail stations, restaurants, or schools, this device is an ideal choice. This gadget can easily take measurements by detecting an individual’s forehead placed between two to four inches of it. It has a green light indicator that indicates an all-clear and a red light with an audible warning sound that indicates abnormally high temperature. Installation is easy as this unit can be mounted on a wall with nails, hooks, or double-sided adhesive tape.
    • Versatile wall mount design
    • Audible warning sound
    • Suitable for use in high-density areas
    • Only forehead mode.

    Buying Guide For Best Touchless Thermometers

    The Benefits of No Touch Thermometers: A no touch thermometer offers several benefits over a regular thermometer. It is easy and convenient to use especially in taking the measurement of kids and the aged who might find it harder to hold a conventional thermometer under the tongue. The thermometer’s non-contact and non-invasive design makes social distancing while taking temperature measurements easy. 

    Difference Between Contact vs Non-Contact Thermometers: No contact forehead thermometers make use of infrared technology to measure surface temperature conveniently. Compared to the contact-type thermometers, an infrared thermometer guarantees faster temperature readings with higher measurement accuracy and a wider measuring range. Non-contact measurement also allows you to take readings without affecting the body being measured, unlike contact gadgets that can affect the temperature field of the body being measured. 

    Multifunction vs Single Function: Compared to single-function gadgets, multi-function no contact thermometers make the best touchless thermometers. By allowing you to measure temperature using both the forehead and ear canal, you can easily double-check a person’s temperature readings and be sure you have an accurate measurement. 

    Features: To ensure that you are buying the best touchless thermometers, it is important that you look out for unique features that make convenient use possible. Some of these features include: 

    • Backlit Display: This makes it easy to take readings in the dark. Some units also use different backlight colors to provide temperature warning. E.g red backlight shows high temperature
    • Fever Alert: Thermometers that provide fever alert use warning sounds, vibration or light to indicate high temperature which is a helpful and intuitive feature 
    • Memory Function: This makes it possible to store temperature readings for easy comparison. The memory capacity may vary from one gadget to the other. 
    • Age and Temperature Technology: Thanks to age-precision technology, you can easily enter a patient's age and the thermometer automatically adjusts temperature readings for convenience based on this age. 


    Are Non Contact Thermometers Accurate?

    Non-contact infrared thermometers are reliable and accurate. While accuracy and precision may vary from one gadget to the other, the best touchless thermometers can be up to 97% accurate which them quite effective for screening for fever. 

    How Safe is an Infrared Thermometer?

    Radiation is often considered harmful to human beings. They can cause burning sensations or skin irritation even in small doses. Infrared is a form of radiation on the electromagnetic spectrum. However, the good news is that the best-infrared thermometers have negligible to none radiation. Hence they are considered safe to use on humans. 


    Nothing beats the convenience of a no-contact thermometer for taking quick and accurate temperature measurements. Choosing the best touchless thermometer can be challenging but we have reviewed some of the best options on the market to simplify the process. The Tawiko wall-mounted thermometer is our top pick if you are looking for a unit that can serve your office, school, or other commercial buildings. However, for domestic use, we recommend the iProven infrared thermometer. 

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