Best Tennis Racquet For Beginner to Intermediate

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Big dreams although achieved at later stage of life, are conceived at a very early stage. It then follows that if you want to be a tennis champion, starting early would increase your chances of success. So whether you are a beginner or an intermediate, getting yourself a Best Tennis Racquet for Beginner to Intermediate would make a huge difference and set you up for the big stage. The question then would be how to buy a tennis racket?

Buying Guide For Tennis Racquets for Beginners to Intermediate

Racquet sizes: A large racket with a huge head balance is recommended for a beginner. This is because it offers enough power without swinging too much and it forgives your excesses. 

Grip sizes: Rackets with small grips tire the muscle and often result in injuries. In contrast, when the grip is too large, it is harder to use. As a result, it is important to choose the grip size for your racket. Ensure that the grip is comfortable and allows you to move your forearm and wrist in a full-range motion. Make sure that there is enough room for your index fingers, but make sure that the room is not excessive.

Choosing string and tension: There are different types of strings and each string type has its tension. They include nylon, polyester, etc. In some cases, some rackets come with a re-strung option. Check the string type and choose what suits you.

Best Tennis Racquet for Beginner to Intermediate to Buy


1. Wilson Tour Slam Lite Tennis Racket

Wilson Tour Slam Lite Tennis Racket

Designed with a 112-square inch head, the Wilson Tour Slam Lite Tennis Racket is power and comfort loaded to give every beginner an efficient slam and ultimately, lasting performance. The racket is 27.5-inches long, and as a result, permits easier spin, power, and provide extra momentum when attacking. Furthermore, the strings on the racket are made with power bridge technology that permits maximum power on every swing that you take. To maintain balance, the racket is measured in points that ensure distribution of weight across the entire racket. In all, a bigger surface area coupled with powerful slam comes in handy, especially for a beginner.

  • Power string bridge technology
  • Long strings
  • Stop shock sleeve
  • The handle is not sturdy enough

2. HEAD Ti.S6 Tennis Racquet – Strung

HEAD Ti S6 Tennis Racket Pre-Strung Head Heavy Balance 27.75 Inch Racquet - 4 1/4 In Grip

HEAD, the Ti.S6 Tennis Racket – Pre-Strung is recommended for players who seek to achieve heavy balance during play. The racquet has an oversized 115″ head which gives you a larger sweet spot and assists those who are still improving their skills and only weighs 8.9 oz in all. The racket has a head heavy  balance which gives provides greater balance and stability when striking the ball.  On durability, the racket features a combination of graphite and titanium. As a result, although the titanium makes the racket light and strong enough for use, the graphite composition ensures durability and comfortable feel. Therefore, you can use it rest assured that it is not going to fall apart after a couple of use.

  • Oversized head
  • Graphite and titanium composition
  • Permits balance
  • The strings feel a bit stiff

3. Wilson US Open Junior Tennis Racquet

Best Tes

Another excellent racket that junior tennis players would enjoy is the Wilson US Open Junior Tennis Racquet. This is because the racket comes in different sizes that varies depending on the age, skill level, and the size of the user. To ensure compatibility with age and size, the racket comes with lightweight frames for easy swinging and handling. Another advantage of the lightweight feature of the racket is that it gives room for easy maneuverability and handling. It also permits easy spins, lobbing, and volley handling. Consequentially, arm discomfort and poor form are reduced to the barest minimum thus making it one of the best tennis racquets for beginner to intermediate.

  • Aluminum composition
  • Strung racket
  • Available in different sizes
  • It doesn’t come with a cover

4. Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 Strung Tennis Racket

Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 Strung Tennis Racket

When it comes to beginners and their racket, whatever type they choose to make use of, it should have an oversized head and allow compact swings. This is because it forgives their miss and gives more room to achieve consistency. Interestingly, the Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 Strung Tennis Racket comes with an oversized head for more power and better play. The head also provides balance and, therefore, increases stability. As a plus, its light frames provide momentum and the springs enable better spin and power. On the length, the racket measures 27.5-inches and provides leverage to reach balls up close without impeding reaction. 

  • The racket head ensures balance and stability
  • Power frame for compact swings
  • Open string pattern
  • Vibrates more

5. 2018 Pure Aero Lite Tennis Racquet - Quality String

The Babolat 2018 Pure Aero Lite Tennis Racquet is light, powerful, and is sometimes compared to the ones used by top professional players. This is because it has good power, is comfortable, easy to control, lightweight, and has great maneuverability features. Fitted with an aerodynamic frame, the racket permits fast swings and quick reaction. It also features FSI spin technology for better spin and comfortable handling. A cortex system takes care of vibration and interference to the end that great feeling can be achieved.

  • Quality Babolat strings
  • Frame-spring technology for controlled play
  • Cortex system takes care of vibration
  • The package does not include a racket cover

6. HEAD MicroGel Radical Tennis Racquet (Strung)

Like every other HEAD rackets, the HEAD MicroGel Radical Tennis Racquet (Strung) features a unique string pattern and head size that permits better handling and gameplay. Unlike the Ti.S6 Tennis Racquet that is composed of granite and titanium, this version of HEAD racket features Micro Gel. Just so you know, a micro gel is a silicon-based material with low density that is effective for uniformly distributing the impact load around the racket frame. This way, it gives room for a rock-solid feel and makes it unique to touch.

  • Microgel distributes impact around the frame
  • The weight and length meets standard requirements
  • 98-inches racket head
  • Professional players might need to get it restrung.

7. Tennis Rackets for Kids

As the name implies, the Tennis Rackets for Kids is designed for use by kids as it is efficient for developing their tennis skills especially their technique and stroke mechanics. Since it is available in 3 different sizes of 17, 19, and 21-inches, each racket size offers a higher chance of making contact with the ball during practice or a game. To ensure long and consistent use, the racket features high-quality aluminum and is available in different colors. This way, you can choose any color that fit your kid’s aesthetic taste and style. Overall, the racket comes with a free video game.

  • Package includes a free video game
  • Available in 3 different sizes
  • Aluminum finishing
  • Some customers complain of decorative peeling after a few uses.

8. Wilson Federer Adult Tennis Racket

11.5 oz weight of the Wilson Federer Adult Tennis Racket enables you to hit the ball with enough depth and power from any location on the court. Furthermore, Arch technology improves the quality of the frame for stability and enhanced power. It also features a volcanic frame technology and power strings for explosive power. To improve comfort, the racket comes with a stop shock pad, however, it doesn’t come with its racket cover. As a result, users have to purchase a separate racket cover for guaranteed protection. On a good note, the combination of all these technologies provides a vibrant and efficient racket. 

  • Arch technology improves frame balance
  • Power strings
  • Stop shock pads
  • No cover

9. HEAD Speed Kids Tennis Racquet

HEAD Speed Kids Tennis Racquet - Beginners Pre-Strung Head Light Balance Jr Racket - 21"

The HEAD Speed Kids Tennis Racquet is another pre-strung light racket for junior players and beginners. Designed for maximum performance, the racket is available in different sizes between 19-25 inches and is ideal for children within the ages of 2 and above. It also features a light head with help to maintain balance, and ultimately reduce vibrations and maintain stability during a play. The racket features aluminum O-beam construction and, as a result, durable and lightweight. So whether your kid is 2 years, 8 years, or older, this racket is a good way to start.

  • Aluminum construction
  • Great for beginners
  • Headlight advantage
  • Insufficient string elasticity

10. Wilson US Open Adult Strung Tennis Racket

Wilson US Open Adult Strung Tennis Racket

To create more power during practice and gameplay, the Wilson US Open Adult Strung Tennis Racket combines a double hole technology and arc 2 technology. The function of the double ole technology is to permit more power, while the arc technology ensures stability for better control. As a result, you can play with sufficient power and still have sufficient grip of the racket. It is also fused with graphite construction for durable and enhanced performance. The racket head, although lightweight, features strung balance, and is, therefore, an excellent tool for igniting the potential of a great tennis player.

  • Arc technology ensures stability
  • Double hole technology permits power
  • Strung balance
  • Insufficient grip power

Final Thoughts

All things considered, choosing the Best Tennis Racquet for Beginner to Intermediate is not rocket science. It is important that whatever racket you are choosing is lightweight enough for comfortable handling and less stress on the arm. Also, since the racket is for beginners and intermediate, the head should be wide enough so that they can learn quickly and the construction should be solid enough to prevent damages. Luckily, all the rackets listed above satisfy these condition.

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